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This memorial honors Carlton Thomas Harlow, an American veteran, who shares a common undeniable goal with all American veterans to protect our country's freedoms. Forever a symbol of heroism, sacrifice, loyalty and freedom. "We came American. We shall remain American and go into battle with Old Glory over our heads. I will not parcel out American boys." - General John J. Pershing

  • Carleton T. Harlow Grave
  • Machine Gun Company at target practice
  • American troops in Fismette around 1918.
  • Second Battle of the Marne

Carlton Thomas Harlow was born on February 14th, 1889 in Cotuit Massachusetts son of Wallis Francis and Josephine Fuller Harlow.

Private Carlton T. Harlow entered into Military service in Barnstable, Mass and on February of 1918 was sent to Camp Devens to train for WW1. On May, 7th 1918 he was sent overseas with the 4th Division. He fought courageously with the Machine Gun Company, 59th Infantry. Between August 4th and 22nd of 1918 Private Harlow was in the Second Battle of the Marne where the German Army defends vigorously on the Vesle River, that was the last major German attack on the western front during the First World War. Private Carlton T. Harlow was killed in action in a tenacious battle in the crossing of the Vesle River at Fismes, France on August, 9th 1918.

A Memorial was constructed in 1920 to honor Carlton Thomas Harlow a veteran of the First World War. It is located at the intersection of Old Oyster Road and Highland Avenue in Cotuit, Massachusetts. His final resting place is Mosswood Cemetery in Couit, Massachusetts.

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