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Walking Tour of Bishop Hill, Illinois
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As a cornerstone in the colony era industry this building was the carpenters and paint shop. The Colony made most of their own furniture and they manufactured wagons and buggies for sale. You can see some of the Bible tables, chairs and beds in the Steeple Building and Colony Church Museums. Built in 1851, it was only recently restored in 2019 by the Bishop Hill Heritage Association. They removed the stucco, added new brick and replaced the deteriorating windows and sills. Today it houses the United States Post Office. For more than 150 years the Postmaster was a direct descendent of the original colonists! There is an art gallery, Garden Thyme, which sells local crafts, herbs, produce, and garden inspired fine art. There is also an apartment on the second floor.

  • The Carpenter Shop today, after recent renovations.
  • Carpenter Shop Sign
  • This undated photo from the Library of Congress shows the carpenter shop before the recent renovation. Note the variation in windows and the stucco that was added post colony period but removed during renovations.

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Brian "Fox" Ellis

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