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The battery was constructed in 1941 by Germany during the occupation, to defend Guernsey from the British. There is a large, ten-ton gun in the middle of the gun pit that can shoot 22 km. This emmersive location is a very good place to see for yourself and there is no other place like it.

  • A picture of the gun

This gun was made by France in 1917, however in 1940 when the Germans beat France, The Germans decided to take it and bring it to Guernsey.



In 1997, some people decided to excavate all the bunkers in Guernsey. They escavated approximately 1000 tons of dirt and the bunkers were intact. It was discovered that the gun was dumped into the sea in Jersey and that the blueprints were at Centre d’Archives de l’Armement in Chatellerault. Some parts are still being restored to this day. This site is open on some Sundays in the summer.

The gun is right in the middle of the battery. There are 10 rooms on the wall of where the gun is and multiple tunnels from the gun room. In these tunnels there are a metal camouflage mesh on the roof and one of them goes underground! It is thought that the 10 rooms were used for ammunition storage and the underground part is quite big.