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We want to develop a culture of students first. Consistent with our Catholic-Franciscan identity, we want to promote and support the dignity of each and every student and pursue practices that demonstrate the priority we place on the quality of our students’ education and experience while at St. Bonaventure University. We want to develop operational excellence in all our programs, processes and initiatives. We want to meet the needs of our students, parents, faculty, alumni, staff and visitors with service that exemplifies respect, collegiality, efficiency and effectiveness. We want to develop financial methods and systems that are consistent with our University priorities and demonstrate the highest standards of stewardship and sustainability. We want to achieve a new level of distinction providing academic programs that are noted for their superior quality and excellence in teaching and research. We want to promote a culture of faculty and staff excellence, supporting and sustaining cutting edge research and teaching among our faculty and ongoing development of staff in pursuit of their excellence as vital agents of this University’s mission. We want to recognize the importance that students and parents place on the outcome of their university experience and demonstrate how St. Bonaventure University continues to provide students with a quality education for a quality career. We want to develop a sustainable portfolio of academic programs that delivers the highest quality of courses and experiential learning initiatives. We want to be a campus community vibrantly connected and engaged with our mission as a “Catholic university dedicated to excellence in the Franciscan tradition.”

  • Doyle Hall in winter

Doyle hall was created as a seminary for friars that were on campus in the 1960's. Currently the building is used as an-on campus dormitory for students who appreciate its large rooms. Doyle hall is also used to host events on campus in the Doyle Trustees room and the University Chapel. The building also houses the Student Wellness Center, where students can receive medical attention from a nurse practitioner. For those with ailments of the heart and not the body, the wellness center also houses 5 counselors who are trained in trauma, and addiction therapy. I needed five more words to submit.