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In 1969, Johns Hopkins All Children's hospital became the first children's hospital in Florida. Johns Hopkins All Children's hospital specializes in many cases with many complex medical problems. With expansion and technology, the hospital has grown and takes all patients to heal regardless of race, money, gender, and creed. Their vision statement is "Creating healthy tomorrows... for one child, for all children."

  • John Hopkins All Children's Hospital
  • Old Building of All Children's Hospital

The start of John Hopkins All Children's Hospital started in the early 1900's Poliomyelitis when Polio became prominent in America and Europe. With no cure, many died with outbreaks that came every year. In December of 1926, William Huggins saw how many were living because of Polio and wanted to help those with Polio and other diseases for all without discrimination. It started in a citrus packing house. In 1929, the Florida Crippled Children's Commission was a great way to spread awareness of health issues and to help those in need. In 1936, expansion began to happen with buildings and treatments. Treatments included hydrotherapy, x-rays, and iron lungs for use. In 1954, teachers began to come into the hospital and work with children so school is still available to them. Opening doors in 1967, William Belcher decided to keep the same mission as the American Legion, to continue to serve patients no matter race or affordability to pay to where anyone and everyone is allowed to be treated and will be okay. Dr. John Cordes was the first hospitals chief of staff. Becoming one of the fist hospitals to join the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) in 1970 to then become apart of the Children's Hospital Association allowing for fundraising and awareness. By 1971, an ICU unit was made and partnership with USF began. In 1978 programs became more intense for specific areas such as the pediatric heart surgery, NICU's, and a cleft plate program which drew many towards the hospital to have this procedure fixed. They are dedicated to raising funds and building community awareness. Bill Young, a past patient at All Children's helped to create the bone marrow donors. This allows for bone donors and transplants to happen with millions of people. In 1995, they opened the first pediatric emergency center in Tampa for chronic health conditions. 2013 was when the first biorespritory in Florida launched to store specimens at a uniform temperature. Today, John Hopkins All Children's hospital, uses high level nurses and equipment to work with difficult cases in all situations.

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John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital started in 1927, when there was a need for a hospital for children from the early 1900’s paralyzing epidemic of polio. Through help from the government and institutions it started to help more and more patients. It grew as technology evolved to add x-rays, education, NICUs, and top of the line doctors. This website will help the visitor know more about the information on how the hospital came to be and an update and timeline of the history and progress made since it first began. 

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This is the John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital’s Youtube channel. This is where patients and perspective patients can go to see videos and to know more information about the hospital. It portrays announcements, new medical procedures, and the history through video form with some first hand data from employees and patients. 

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On April 5, 2016 was the change in name to become known as John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital. After the 90th anniversary of the hospital with the integration of John Hopkins Medicine, they have changed the name. Since it kept all of the pediatrics and added on the John Hopkins Medicine, they have come up with this name.

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This is John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital’s facebook page. This allows one who wants to see how the hospital works and how people have experienced it. As of today, the hospital has a rating of 4.7/5. It shares updates, community information, and experiences.

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John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital allows for infants to have care. This website allows for perspective patients to know what the hospital has to offer to see if they would be able to go. Since the hospital has a lot of services, it can meet a lot of needs.

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