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Trinity Preparatory School was established in 1968 as schooling for children. The schooling was for grades seven through twelve, making the school a middle school and high school experience for the students attending. However, today they also accept people of grade six as well. The school ever since it was established has helped a rigorous curriculum with determination to strive for success. The school has many prestigious programs in theatre, music, athletics, English, math, and science. Trinity's campus is over 100 acres and holds a lot of scenery. The campus has two gymnasiums, a heated pool, athletic fields, and other accommodations for the students. The faculty at the school is prestigious as well, over 60% of teaching instructors holding advanced degrees. The school has been holding this level of excellence for over 50 years and strives to continue this pattern.

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The founding and establishment of Trinity Preparatory School started at the Orlando Community Leaders group. This group was discussing the much needed schooling around Central Florida that was high quality, competitive, and independent secondary schooling. The leader of this group who was in charge of these efforts was Reverend Canon A. Rees Hay. In 1968 the Trinity Preparatory School was officially established and ready for their students to learn and be curious on their campus. The first class of the school held only 173 students, which is drastically different than the 845 students today. In remembrance of the founders, especially Reverend Canon A. Rees Hay, every year the whole schools gathers for an assembly. This tradition is what they call Founders' Day and within this assembly someone from the founders group comes to discuss their history with Trinity. Reverend Canon A. Rees Hay is most notable as the leader and founder of the school. His goal when creating Trinity Preparatory school was to create a new rigorous and advanced schooling that others in Central Florida lacked in the 1960s. He also was an established author, creating the book A Dream Realized: A History of Trinity Preparatory School in 1989.

The school since first being established has come a long way. After opening many of the other Florida schools both public and private, thought Trinity Prep wasn't what the area needed. However, through many years and many competitions, statistics, and various other ways Florida has come to recognize Trinity Preparatory as a rigorous program. The biggest competition they had when first opening were Lake Highland Prep and Bishop Moore. Even today these schools now alongside Trinity Prep are the known competitors in Florida.Trinity is now ranked Orlando's number one school in STEM learning, approximately 15% of their student athletes commit to playing sports in their college careers, and they school holds 17 national merit scholar semifinalists. This all comes at the steep price of tuition which is $22,990. The institution has lots of great alumni and networking circles for their students to connect with. Trinity also is a school focused on readying their students for college curriculum. This is done through their Advanced Placement testing, faculty and staff, along with the rigorous level of classes.

The school also is part of many memberships such as the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS). Along with this the school's religious affiliation is Episcopal making it all the more unique in the state of Florida. Trinity Prep prides itself on having one of the highest amounts of AP courses offered with 25 total. Extracurricular clubs/activities offered at the school come to a total of 30 with things such as art, history, music, and even political clubs.

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