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The Clermont Historic Village Museum is a collection of buildings from the late 1800's that the city have decided to protect the history of the pioneering families of South Lake County. The buildings are Herring Hooks Schoolhouse, Cooper Memorial Library, an Outhouse, Clermont's Train Depot, Quonset Hut WWII Museum, Kern House, and Townsend House.

The Clermont Historic Village Museum was founded in 1998 with the cooperation of the City of Clermont. The mission was to preserve, maintain, and share the history of the pioneering families of South Lake County. Most of the buildings were moved to this location so that people may see what life was like over 100 years ago. The Herring Hooks Schoolhouse was added to the society on April 13, 2013. It is a replica of the original building which was built in 1881 as a hunting lodge, but then it was turned into a schoolhouse. The Cooper Memorial Library is a library built in 1914 named after its founder, Alice. It was moved to the village in 2009 from its original location, West Desoto Street.

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This is the official website for the Clermont Historic Village Museum. It has information on each building that is in the village. The information for each building is the name, what it is, what the original building was, and where it was moved to the village. The website also provides information on how the village came to be and who owns it currently.

Florea, Linda. “Protecting History: New Roof for the Townsend House in Downtown Clermont.” Daily Commercial, Daily Commercial, 23 July 2019,

This is a newspaper detailing the fixing of the roof of the Townsend House. It talks about the roof being fixed and how they were paying more to have an authentic look to the roof. It also provides information on the history of the house and who owned the original house.

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