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Built in 1926 by Rapp and Rapp, The Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wisconsin has been one of the most popular venues in the state of Wisconsin for nearly a century. Located in the heart of the city, on the iconic State Street, The Orpheum is well-known venue for hosting a wide variety of entertainment. Events held at The Orpheum mostly consists of concerts, plays, and stand-up comedy shows.

With the massive Orpheum sign easily visible from anywhere on State Street, The Orpheum Theater has been a Madison icon for the greater part of the past century. Built by Rapp and Rapp and mostly financed by William Beecroft, the Orpheum costed $750,000 to construct. Originally built as a movie theater, The Orpheum is host to events with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The theater is well-known for its original French Renaissance interior design. Little known fact, The Orpheum was also the first building in Wisconsin constructed with air conditioning.

After many years in despair, in 2013, The Gus Paras family became the new owners of The Orpheum and brought life back to the theater. Frank Productions Concerts currently runs the booking and operating of event at the theater.

The Orpheum theater currently hosts many concerts, weddings, stand-up comedy shows, and many other events. It has been an icon in the city of Madison for nearly 100 years and remains a hotspot venue of entertainment.

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The Orpheum Theater is a venue that hold various events in Madison, Wisconsin. Built in 1926 by Rapp and Rapp, this theater has been a hotspot for entertainment for nearly a century. The Orpheum is known for its unique French Renaissance interior design. The construction of the theater was financed by William Beecroft and the original price for to build the theater was $750,000. As the theater was experiencing financial decline, the Gus Paras family purchased the theater and brought it back to its former glory. The Orpheum remains one of the most prominent venues in Madison.

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The Orpheum Theater is a prominent venue along State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Known for hosting many concerts, weddings, and stand-up comedy shows, The Orpheum is an extremely well-known venue across the state of Wisconsin. Since its construction in 1926, the theater has provided a beautiful venue that has attracted many well-known names in the entertainment industry. To go along with that, The Orpheum is the first building in Wisconsin to have air conditioning. The Orpheum Theater still remains a great venue for a wide variety of entertainment.