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Established in 1942, the Saint Johns River Shipbuilding Company played an important role as a ship production center in World War Two. Founded after a $17 million (around $270 million at current USD value) investment by the United States government, the shipyard specialized in producing a particular type of cargo ship considered to be of paramount strategic importance to the United States military.

Florida Memory: State Library and Archives of Florida. Accessed February 3rd 2020.

Colton, Tim. “St. John's River Shipbuilding, Jacksonville FL.” St. Johns River Shipbuilding,

Compiled by amateur historian Tim Colton along with additions from a number of other sources that are sadly no longer online including a dedicated page from Florida International University. Mr. Colton’s work cites an extensive list of documents and texts to provide in depth detail to the output of the St John’s River company as an emergency ship builder during World War Two. The material provided on the company by Colton and his contributors is not for casual readers, and really serves the project best to illustrate activity and relate it contextually to the era at large.

Larson, Harold. “The Army's Cargo Fleet in World War II.” Office of the Chief of Transportation, United States Army, May 1945.

This document hosted by the Defense Technical Information Center’s online database illustrates what the St. John’s River company built for the United States military. The document is published by the Army for internal use, but includes such a wealth of information that anyone could find it useful. The primary use for this document to the project is to bring the ships produced by the company into context as part of telling the company’s story, especially because the of the yard’s unusual business model and very narrow product lineup.