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Spring Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Hernando Country. Founded in the 1850s, it was a Civil War cemetery, but then changed into a historical African American burial site. Now, the cemetery is not known for who is buried in it, rather the paranormal activities that have been documented here. Since 1993, the cemetery has been managed by Alice Walker in association with the African American Spring Hill Cemetery Association, Inc.

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Spring Hill Cemetery was a cemetery that was founded in the 1850s by Ada Belle Lykes. The cemetery is actually three plots of lands owned by BMM Land Trust Co. which the only way through is a dirt road off Fort Dade Avenue that goes through the property. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Hernando County. Previous known as the Brooksville Civil War Cemetery, it used to house Confederate Civil War Veterans and African Americans. Now, it turned into a historic African American site. Across the cemetery is land known as the Lykes-Ayers, which was used for white burials during that time period. The reason why there are little information is because in 1872, a courthouse containing records for the cemetery burned down with the records.

The cemetery today has a reputation for its paranormal activities. Stories of seeing a man hanging from the tree at dusk, a baby could be heard crying during a certain hour of the night, and rumors of a shed in the woods that the KKK used to take their victims to. There are rumors that there is a slaughter house behind the cemetery where the KKK would kill their victims that they wanted gone from the community. But investigators are stressing to be careful when visiting the cemetery because there have been reports of drug dealers and vandals in the cemetery.

Currently, the land surrounding the cemetery is owned by BMM Land Trust Co. They are leasing the land to CEMEX who are mining the area adjacent to the cemetery. The county requires them to keep 250' away from the cemetery to preserve it.

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This is an article talking briefly about the history of Spring Hill Cemetery. It provides details on the history of the cemetery and the paranormal activities that have been documented in the last several years. It also provides details on some of the graves that reside there.

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This is an article that talks about the history of Spring Hill Cemetery. It talks about how the cemetery was founded and came to be. It talks about who owned the cemetery and who owns it now. It also talks about how there are plans to mine in the adjacent area next to the cemetery.

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This article talks about the different paranormal activities that occur in the cemetery. It has information on the history of the cemetery and who is buried in the cemetery. It has accounts of people who say that they experienced something paranormal in the cemetery.

“FLORIDA'S FORGOTTEN: Springhill Cemetery Pt. 1 ~ Hell On Earth...” Finding Florida, 14 May 2018,

This is an article that recounts the horrifying experiences that the writer had when she visited the cemetery. It includes a little backstory of the cemetery.

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This is an article that talks about two men arrested for digging up a grave and talking the skull of the body. This helps with context on why there is more security here in the cemetery.

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