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The Lauderhill Historical Museum is a cultural museum that consists of historic items such as photographs, artifacts, etc. that show significance of Lauderhill's history. Lauderhill is a diverse city located in South Florida. With its diverse community, a museum was needed to show the history of how the city developed. The museum opened in 2012 and is located at Wally Elfers Park. Today, the museum possesses a huge impact for the city's residents because it provides a sense of belonging and togetherness as a community.

The city of Lauderhill was established in 1959 in Broward County, Florida. Lauderhill was created for families and by 1966, hundreds of homes had been built. In the 1970's, Lauderhill had become a popular destination for retired people, as well as people from the north. By the 1980's, the city had grown tremendously and elected the first African-American commissioner. Since then, the city has attracted people of different cultures from the Caribbean.

Lauderhill is located in South Florida, which is why there is such a large variety of people from different backgrounds. Because of Lauderhill's diversity, the population continued to grow and by the 1990's, the city's residents were more than 50% of African American or West Indian descent.

The Lauderhill Historical Museum, opened in 2012, showcases the city's history and growth. It is built over the city's first city hall. The museum also has a multipurpose room which can also be divided into three smaller rooms to be utilized for different purposes. Much of the museum displays artifacts such as pictures of the city's development, old newspapers, trophies from the city's sports teams, old water bills, T-shirts from different events, and campaign paraphernalia. The museum has different themes to show the cultural impact of Lauderhill. The themes include Native Americans, the history of the city, important people of the city's history, history of the police/fire departments, the neighborhood Inverrary, and the famous actor Jackie Gleason.

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This website gives background on the museum and provides information on where it is located. The museum exhibits the foundation, as well as the changes that the city went through. The rich history and culture of Lauderhill implicates the nation as a whole.

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