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Located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Mont Vernon is a premier destination for those that love fall. A small and very rural town, Mont Vernon offers a beautiful tight-nipped community for those who are looking to raise a family or be living close to nature. Mont Vernon offers an elementary school that covers kindergarten up to sixth grade and then connects up with the school district in the neighboring town, Amherst. There is no clear answer as to why Mont Vernon is not spelled with a "u" in Mont. The town also holds two annual celebrations to commemorate the history of the town.

Mont Vernon

Mont Vernon

Surrounded by foliage all around, Mont Vernon is a beautiful rural community that sits high atop a mountain. Seceding from the neighboring town, Amherst, in 1803, Mont Vernon became a premier destination for fall lovers and acted as a resort town for individuals in the city. With Boston only about 60 miles away, Mont Vernon has historically been a getaway for a lot of people in the city because of its location. For years, Mont Vernon’s resort hotels had great business until the big boom of the Industrial era. The hotels lost a majority of their business during The Great Depression and are now historical locations in town. 

Mont Vernon's seceding from Amherst occurred on December 15th, 1803. The first settler in Mont Vernon was James Woodbury, whose land turned into the town's church. The land was largely used for agricultural purposes, but was met with a road block when the boom of the railroad came. The railroads provided farmers and other works with better opportunities in the Midwest and in 1870 was when Mont Vernon suffered its first major population decline.

20 years later, Mont Vernon became a premier destination for the city goers in Boston. It's Grand Hotel was a vacation destination for people in Boston who wanted to get away from the big city and be closer to nature. Unfortunately, the hotel is now defunct due to a fire, but the land was re-purposed and now is a small community of homes. The road that the houses are on still honor the history of the Grand Hotel with the road being named Grand Hill. Grand Hotel was the most popular of the five resorts that Mont Vernon offered because of it's incredible views and isolation that it provided city goers. After the fire of Grand Hotel, the other hotels in Mont Vernon were torn down before World War II.

The Town of Mont Vernon New Hampshire, Mont Vernon NH. Accessed February 3rd 2020.

This is the homepage for the town of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. It contains information regarding the town’s various departments, boards and committees, and a town calendar with all of the local events. It also provides information for the school system and the communities surrounding the town of Mont Vernon. The website keeps the locals updated with everything that is going on within the community and the surrounding town’s schools systems due to how the education system within the town works.

The webpage allows readers to be updated with the present day of Mont Vernon while also giving at an option and link to the historical society which provides access to the local history. The editor of the page also provides a brief history of major events that happened since Mont Vernon’s inception along with the town’s identity in the 1800s. 

Mont Vernon Historical Society News Letter, Word Press. Accessed February 3rd 2020.

The Mont Vernon Historical Society newsletter gives a breakdown of the town’s history. It informs the reader about the various events that occurred throughout the years and some of the major milestones within the community. It even provides an updated featurette for the events and news and gives notice to future events and meetings within the town. The newsletter is constantly updated by members of the historical society in the town. 

The editors of the page go through many parts of Mont Vernon’s history. They incorporate small events and large events such as the renaming of streets along with maps and details of how the town has changed throughout the years. It informs you about some of the types of foliage that Mont Vernon is home to along with some of the historical buildings of Mont Vernon.

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