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Bishop Moore Catholic High School was the first Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida. The Catholic high school opened in 1954. Their academic, athletic, faith and moral excellence for over 60 years are what have kept this place of education and faith thriving. This being the first Catholic high school in Orlando makes this a place of historical meaning.

  • Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Bishop Moore Catholic High School hold much meaning and pride behind their name. This background story is where the name "Moore" originated.

"Born in 1835 in Ireland, John Moore immigrated to the United States as a teen. John settled in South Carolina with his sister, where he enrolled in seminary and earned a doctorate degree in theology. After being ordained in Rome in 1860, Father John served in the Diocese of Charleston before being elected the second Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Augustine in Florida. While in Florida, Bishop Moore purchased land for the first three Catholic churches in the Orlando area. He spent much of his time caring for the sick and recruiting priests and parishioners to grow the newly founded Florida church (Our History)."

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Not only focusing on the Catholic faith, but this school also strives for great academics, involvement with the community and athletics. This has created the best preparation for the next steps of continuing education.

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A place where Faith, Academics, and character are built and instilled in students for their lives. The importance of faith and academics are put in place in these last few years before student enter the workforce or continue their education at a university or secondary school. 

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