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This statue sits in the middle of the IU Bloomington Campus, near the Fine Arts Building and Auditorium. It is a statue of Venus surrounded by 4 fish. The statue is a popular place for students to sit and read or do homework during the warmer months of the school year.

The statue is one of the most memorable features of campus. The 4 fish that sit around the statue are subject of a lot of lore and myths. One of the fish that was originally placed there was stolen when IU won the NCAA basketball championship in 1987, forcing the University to replace the fish. Legend has it that when IU wins another national championship (which will never happen), the fish will be returned.

The fountain is a popular place for students to congregate and read, do homework, or just hang out. Another fun thing that students often do is they jump in the fountain during freshman orientation and graduation. Occasionally, someone will fill the fountain with soap/bubble bath as a prank.