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Nick's English Hut is an iconic bar founded in 1927 by Greek immigrant Nick Hrisomalos. After prohibition, Nick's got a liquor license then eventually sold the bar to Dick Barnes in 1957. After selling it to Dick Barnes it has stayed in the family to this day.

Nick's is famous for a game called "Sink the Biz" which requires a bucket, beer, and people. The objective of the game is to sink a cup of beer in the bucket but you don't want to be the one to sink the cup. Nick's is very large that has a lower level bar and restaurant and then a second floor bar along with a rooftop. Nick's has had numerous important people including Gregg "Rags" Rago, Dick Barnes, and Ruthie Collier Stewart. Nick's is a great bar filled with old iconic Indiana University photos covering all the walls and keeping the story of Indiana University sports alive.