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Lyons Mural; Past, Present, and Future is on the side of the Town of Lyons Visitor Center in Sandstone Park. The mural is the work of Cathy Rivers and Candace Shepard. They worked closely with the Lyons Golden Gang Seniors, Lyons Generationally Active People (GAP), and Lyons Middle/Senior High students to develop the core idea and images.

  • Lyons Mural; Past, Present, and Future
  • Lyons Mural; Past Present, and Future

More than 70 Lyons citizens worked to create the mural on two panels. It was dedicated in June, 2003. Many Lyons businesses and individuals supported the collaborative community art project. More information on the process is available at the Lyons Redstone Museum. Cat Russel, of Spike Productions, produced a video on the mural project, which is available at the Lyons Regional Library and the Lyons Redstone Museum.