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Dedicated in 2015, this statue commemorates local African American leader Thaddeus Lincoln Tate and is part of the Charlotte's Trail of History. In addition to his work as a founding member of Grace A.M.E. Zion Church, Tate led efforts that resulted in Charlotte officials agreeing to support the creation of the Brevard Street library. From the 1890s to the 1940s, Thaddeus Tate worked as a barber at the Uptown Barber Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tate's customers included the governor of North Carolina and owners of local shops. Tate developed friendships with these men and used these alliances to help African Americans socially and professionally in North Carolina. He also invested his earnings in businesses that helped other black entrepreneurs as the director of the Mechanics' Perpetual Building and Loan Company.

  • Thaddeus Lincoln Tate with his family
  • The statue of Thaddeus Lincoln Tate is located between vivace and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Thaddeus Lincoln Tate (1865-1951) owned the Uptown Barber Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tate served notable customers, like Governor Cameron Morrison and local store owners. Tate forged friendships with his clients in order to help the African American community in North Carolina. Tate, for instance, helped open the Brevard Street public library branch, which was the first library for African Americans in the southern United States. He also founded a branch of the YMCA for African Americans and the Morrison Training School for African Americans. In addition, Tate built Mecklenburg Investment Company Building, which was an investment company for African Americans. Though with humble roots as a barber, Thaddeus Lincoln Tate helped propel African Americans forward, both socially and professionally, in North Carolina.

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