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Saint Anthony's Catholic Church is a historic Catholic church built in 1927. It is historically significant for its Romanesque Revival architecture and association with the local Italian community, which founded the congregation in 1896. In terms of architecture, the church is two-stories tall and features stained glass windows, a two-tiered bell tower, round-arched recessed openings above the main entrance, and other decorative elements.

Saint Anthony's Catholic Church was built in 1927.

Saint Anthony's Catholic Church was built in 1927.

Like other immigrants who arrived in American during the 19th century, Italians were attracted to the idea of starting a new life. Those who settled in Bryan and the Brazos Valley in the 1880s were from Sicily, which was very poor at the time. Over time, they became successful and acquired land of their own in valley. It is believed that by the late 19th century there were between 2,400 and 3,000 Italians living in the Brazos. Some time after the congregation was founded, the first church was built. Unfortunately, a fired destroyed it in 1926, which prompted the construction of the present church.

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