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University Auditorium, also known as "The Barn" was an arena/theater located on DePaul University's campus from 1907-1979. "The Barn" served as the home court for DePaul University's basketball team, the Blue Demons from 1923-1956. At one point the Blue Demons went on an 81 game winning streak at University Auditorium.

University Auditorium

University Auditorium

University Auditorium was where the DePaul University Blue Demons played home basketball gamesl from 1923-1956, when the team began playing home games in Alumni Hall. University Auditorium was where legendary basketball figures coach Ray Meyer and NBA star George Mikan played home games. Mikan was a star at DePaul, winning Player of the Year twice and the National Invitation Tournament once. Meyer is credited for transforming Mikan from an awkward, clumsy freshmen to an aggressive, fearless basketball player. University Auditorium burnt down in 1967 and the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center now occupies the land where it used to be.

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