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Olympic Stadium was built as a multi -purpose stadium in the 1970s. It hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics where Pat summitt won her first olympic medal playing on the united states women's basketball team. And later on went to win a gold medal coaching the women's basketball team not jusy in the olympic games she's also won other medals in different events.

Olympic Stadium was previously home to the Montreal Expos. The stadium was originally opened in 1976 to host the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec. The stadium later became home to Montreal’s professional sports teams. Pat summitt won multiple medals which include

  1. world university games 1973 moscow team competition (silver)
  2. pan american games 1975 mexico player (gold)
  3. olympic games 1976 montreal player (silver)
  4. william jones cup 1984 taipei team competition (gold)
  5. olympic games 1984 los angeles team competition (gold)
  6. world championship for women 1983 sao paulo team competition (silver)
  7. World championship for women 1979 seoul team competition (gold)
  8. William jones cup 1979 taipei team competition (gold)
  9. Pan american games 1979 san juan team competition (silver)