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Langlade County Historical Museum

Zone 4 of 4: Upper Floor

The upper floor is a diverse area containing a public art gallery, a large collection of military antiques, a recreation of a 20th century schoolhouse, and a room of railroad dioramas and posters.

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Managed by Antigo Visual Arts, this space displays and sells diverse works of art created by members of the community. Many of these works can be purchased by bringing the item to the front desk on the main floor. The room also contains an exhibit of clothing and domestic artifacts.

Picture frame, Interior design, Art, Flooring

Picture frame, Interior design, Art, Flooring

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) has been partnered with the Langlade County Historical Society for many years and is a valued part of both the Historical Society's operation and the community at large. The organization welcomes artists of all backgrounds, skill levels, and mediums. AVA holds many events throughout the year both at the museum and elsewhere throughout the community. This is one of their several galleries, and cycles out artwork based on seasonal art shows and sales. Visitors to the museum are welcome and encouraged to enjoy and even purchase the art.

For more information about Antigo Visual Arts, please visit their website which is linked below.

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