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Bronco's Burgers has been an institution in the city of Omaha since 1959. Being the first fast food restaurant in the city, Bronco's was integral in changing the diets of the people of Omaha and paved the way for similar restaurants to enter the market. Omaha has one of the most vibrant dining cultures in the United States and we can point to Bronco's as a pioneer in the industry.

The original location of Bronco's was located on 30th and Fort St. in the northern section of Omaha. After the initial success of the original location the company started to expand and three years after the original location was opened the second store was opened on 45th and Leavenworth streets. Like the other Bronco's this new location has a neon sign erected to draw the attention of hungry drivers on Leavenworth street. This sign has come to depict not only the restaurant but also the area of town that it is located in. The specific strip of Leavenworth street is adorned by multiple large neon signs and the bright spinning lasso of the Bronco's cowboy transports citizens back to the 1960's and to that traditional dining experience. Bronco's not only is indicative of the city of Omaha as a whole but also of American fast food culture and acts as a time capsule for the citizens of the city.

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