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The Amarillo College Natural History Museum is a small but impressive museum that features numerous exhibits displaying wildlife from all over the world. These include butterflies and other insects, mounted animals, and fish. There are also skulls, animal pelts, eggs, and even model ships in bottles. Admission to the museum is free.

The museum is located in Ordway Hall.

The museum is located in Ordway Hall.

The museum was founded by the late Richard Howard, who was a biology faculty member. Howard traveled all over the world to collect insect specimens. His collection served as the basis for the museum, which was established in the 1970s. The butterflies he acquired are popular among museum visitors. Notable specimens on display include a hammerhead shark, a Cape buffalo from Africa, an eight-inch Goliath butterfly, Titanus giganteus (one of the largest beetles in the world), and a bald eagle. The museum has grown since is founding, using grants to add to the collection or expand its services. The museum is also focused on education outreach to local schools and anyone else interested in the museum.

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