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In 1808, Benoni Harris preached the first sermon in Cuyler City. The operations took place in Singleton's barn. After that, supplies or traveling clergy held religious services, preaching in private homes or schoolhouses, with something like regularity until the year 1839, when the building of Cuyler's Methodist Church was built.

  • Pioneer church
  • Pioneer Church

John Cuyler was awarded the 600-acre Revolutionary War land tract on which this barn stands, who never settled in the area and wanted to sell it to the Slingerlands or Singletons early on to the Slingerlands or Singletons daughter Lydia. 

After the land was sold to the Slingerlands or Singletons Benoni Harris, in 1808, preached the first sermon in the city of Cuyler. The church services took place in the barn of the Slingerlands or Singletons. After the case, religious services were held by supplies or traveling clergy, who preached in private houses or schoolhouses, with something like regularity until the year 1839, when Cuyler's Methodist church was built. Alexander Dunce raised this building, and the society had since flourished. The priest that was in charge of the church was Rev. James Staunton. The trustees were Isaac N. Brown, J.W. Patrick, Brown, Adam Petrie, and Dunce. Isaac N Brown and George Brown were the class leaders. The membership was roughly 80. 

 About the year the Methodist Church was founded in the area, and not later than 1840, the members of the Baptist Society constructed a frame church building in the Kenney Settlement. The members of this were widely scattered, and in a few years the church was dissolved and the members went to worship with Fabius and Truxton. Most of the time, Rev. Purinton the new minister ministered to the people as they continued to meet for worship. He was a man of sterling Christian character and his congregation had great love for him. Among the church's earnest supporters were John A. Kenney, Orange Cadwell, Abner Brown, and others. The building was purchased around 1866 by the Methodists and is connected to the church at Fabius in a circuit.


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