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The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey is the premier political and societal organization for the advancement of Latino people within the state of New Jersey. Its headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey but seeks to elevate the societal position of Latinos across the state. This is done through political, educational, societal, medical, and communal means. This organization reaches out to the Latino population of New Jersey and combines their voices into one predominate, mission to champion causes that will benefit the population it represents. Through this political outreach, the LLANJ brings the Latino voices to the main stage and ensures they are not drowned out by opposition.

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The Latino Leadership Alliance is a driving force for the welfare and social mobility of Latino people in the State of New Jersey. While it was only established 20 years ago, it has made great strides in pursuing the interests of New Jersey's more than 2 million residents. Today the organization unites the voices of these 2 million citizens it represents and speaks on their behalf on the issues involving the state.

This organization utilizes political action to accomplish the goals they have set forth. Using methods such as political endorsements, the LLANJ helps garner support for politicians that it believes will better lives of Latino citizens of New Jersey. This is done on every political level, ranging from local to federal elections. Most recently, their political might was used to endorse Bob Hugin, a republican, for the Congressional senate. This ultimately meant they revoked their support from the democrat Bob Menendez, who the LLANJ supported in the past three previous elections. This altered the race and gave Hugin a favorable position. This was due to Hugin's vocal support on immigration reform as well as his pledge to improve medical coverage for seniors. He has been very adamant that he will fight his party leader to do what is right.

The Latino Leadership Alliance's cornerstone principles involve, but are not limited to, the belief in opportunities for all and education for every child. This organization seeks to keeping a vigilant eye on the educational standards of New Jersey attempt to ensure all Latino citizens have equal educational opportunities and social mobility. It uses its voice to speak out when it feels educational levels are subpar and uses it's political might to push for further educational opportunities. This organization understands the importance of education in uplifting people, and seeks to further the latino voice by maintaining high education standards.

Using tools like social media and community events, the LLANJ seeks to unite Latino people in this state, providing them with a sense of belonging. Its primary means of social media engagement is on Facebook, where it exists as a forum for Latinos to comment on posts and engage in discussions. It has the benefit of informing those who follow their page of any events they are hosting. These events are Latino centered like the Latino Leadership summit, the Hispanic Heritage celebration, and the LLANJ Board of Delegates meeting. They also host prominent speakers like Dolores Huerta and other activist to speak to the public. There are also ample articles posted to expose the organization's followers to relevant noteworthy news concerning them.

This Non-profit organization has made it its mission to elevate the Latino population's position in New Jersey and it does so using political and educational means. While it continues to grow in strength through these avenues, it further seeks to eliminate health disparities and root out discrimination. Its core mission is an uphill battle, but it is a battle is has spent it's existence fighting and it will not rest until it goals are achieved.

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