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Joyce Kilmer Park has a different cultural scene from other parks in the New Brunswick area. The park is easily accessible and is used for many recreational activities which include tables for family picnics, basketball courts, a baseball court, a softball field, a water park as well as a children's playground equipped with a jungle gym and many slides making this place an ideal location to bring the family as you would evidently see the ambient community atmosphere. Many cultural activities also take place here as well.

 On October 27th of 2019, Joyce Kilmer park celebrated Mercado's second year anniversary. The Mercado brings much energy to the park. These events are mostly community-led projects that have been sponsored by Elijah’s Promise, New Brunswick Tomorrow, as well as coLAB Arts. Furthermore, multiple vendors who sell a myriad of culturally focused mexican products tend to provide an economic enclave for Latino communities. Moreover, there are multiple bands that fill up the park with the sound of hora de limpiar en los domingos (sound of cleaning during Sundays).

Each of the vendors share a story on how each recipe came to be, as the people have migrated from all parts of the world so have their culinary practices making each vendor within El Mercado stand out in its own unique way. The food ranges from the Aztecan Mexican cuisine to the Mayan Hondurian and as well as Incan peruvian delicacies.

All credits for this wonderful event can be given to the cosponsors of the event who wanted to have a day in which not only Latinx but all people can embrace the Latinx culture and practices, on a side note be sure to visit all the vendors for all the profits go to them !

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