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Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church was officially organized in 1874, but its history goes back to 1852 when circuit riders worshipped in local homes. The early congregation experienced challenges that led to a schism that saw the congregation divided. In 1874, however, the Texas Synod of the Lutheran Church sent Pastor F. Jessie to Pflugerville. Jessie drafted the organizing documents that officially established and governed the Immanuel Lutheran Church. The congregation also established a brick sanctuary that served the congregation until it was destroyed in 1928. This building was dedicated a year later on land donated by William Bohls, a prominent citizen of Pflugerville.

  • The previous church building burned in a fire on March 16, 1928.
  • An example of stained glass windows that can be found in the current Immanuel Lutheran Church.
  • Current Immanuel Lutheran Church, dedicated in 1929.
  • Red bricked Immanuel Lutheran Church was built in 1929 for $10,300 and burned in 1928.
  • The Immanueal Evangelical Lutheran Church Historical Marker

The current Immanuel Lutheran Church was built after the previous building burned in 1928. The congregation existed back in 1852. At that time, circuit riders worshipped in local homes. It was not until 1871 that an official congregation formed with a constitution adopted in April 10 of that year consisting of 27 households. It did not last long. The next year, the congregation disbanded and two new congregations formed: Evangelical Church at Dessau and the Immanuel Congregation and Church at Richland. Then, in 1874, the Texas Synod of The Lutheran Church sent Pastor F. Jesse. He established a Constitution with 11 members for the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville, TX.

In 1875, using land donated by William Bohls, a church building was dedicated for the Immanuel Lutheran Church. The building was a spired frame sanctuary. In 1909, a red brick edifice was built at a cost of $10,300. It was dedicated January 23, 1910. This red brick church was the sanctuary for the Immanueal Lutheran Church until it was destroyed by a fire on March 16, 1928.

The current brick structure was built following the fire and was dedicated on March 3, 1929. The Immanuel Lutheran Church dedication was attended by more than 1,000 people. The church and its pipe organ cost $43, 000 to build. This is the building that you can see now. Immanuel Lutheran Church has numerous activities and events and its Sunday Worship Services are at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

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