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The Parker House Ranching Museum is a historic home built in the early quarter of the 20th century. It is a good example of a typical ranching house and is unique in that it was built with stone walls. The home is named after the Parker family, who lived here beginning in 1935 when rancher Jim Parker bought it. Visitors to the home will learn about the Parker family and the history of ranching in the county. Period furnishings are on display as well as early 20th-century photos and memorabilia.

The Parker House is one of Odessa's most well-known landmarks.

The Parker House is one of Odessa's most well-known landmarks.

James Parker (1876-1954) purchased his first property in Ector County (it was two sections, one in Ector County and the other in Andrews County) in 1907. He married his wife, Bessie, the next year and they would eventually have six children. Over time, James acquired more land and raised Hereford cattle. When he bought the ranching house, it was located on a large 1290-acre property. Jim used the house as his headquarters. His room was on the first floor, which allowed him to leave the house quietly in the morning. The Parkers were known for their responsible stewardship of the land and community service. In addition to ranching, Jim helped organize Andrew County and banking in the county as well.

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