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The Delmarva Discovery Center is run by volunteer and community support. The Discovery Center is located right beside the Pocomoke River in hopes to embrace a new future along the river. The Delmarva Discovery Center is 16,000 square feet that began as a local car dealership. After not being used and the building starting to rot away, some volunteers in the town of Pocomoke City decided to fix up the building in hopes to bring some visitors to Pocomoke City with a historic attraction. The Delmarva Discovery Center focuses on the river ecology and the human history of the Pocomoke River and Delmarva. If you are ever in the small town of Pocomoke, Maryland do not hesitate to stop by the Delmarva Discovery Center and learn a few interesting facts about the Pocomoke River and Cypress Swamp. You would be very surprised some of the things that lay in those waters.

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The Delmarva Discovery Center is located at the end of Market Street in downtown Pocomoke City, Maryland. This attraction is to give locals and visitors an intake on the history of the Pocomoke River in which it is conveniently located by. The Discovery Center is a source of learning and discovery through the public eye and cultural/national heritage. 
The Delmarva Discovery Center is a place for learning and and discovery for all ages (hence the name). The exhibits take the visitors on an adventure through the Delmarva and the Cypress Swamp. The Discovery Centers offers youth programs, tours, presentations to families, school classes, youth groups, and other programs. The Delmarva Discovery Center is a 1920s era building and involves exhibits, a Museum store, classroom, and extra work space. Visitors can also take a walk through Cypress Walk or on the Discovery Nature Trail. This gives people a chance to take a walk through the swampy woods that follows the Pocomoke River. 
One special exhibit in the Delmarva Discovery Center is about the Delmarva Heritage. If you did not known Delmarva stands for Delaware (Del), Maryland (Mar), and Virginia (Va). It is noted that there is evidence of culture on the Delmarva from over 12,000 years ago. At the Delmarva Discovery Center visitors can explore inside the wigwam, study arrowhead collections, witness how Native Americans constructed canoes, and learn about a day in the life of the settlers on Delmarva. 
The Delmarva Discovery Center showcases many different exhibits that can pertain to residents in the town of Pocomoke City or even visitors that are just stopping by for a visit. This museum is filled with some very interesting and antique artifacts that can not be found anywhere else. The Discovery Center is steadily adding new exhibits to bring back visitors with new information. The Delmarva Discovery Center is very popular and allows for a lot of history to be known. 
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