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The church started in January of 1911, when a church known as The United Brethren Church was purchased by the Baptist Convention for a total of 300 dollars. The building was purchased for the purpose of starting First Baptist Church of Proctorville, Ohio. There were six founding churches involved with the adventure of starting this church: Union Baptist Church, Rockwood, Beulah, Harmony, Gallia Association, and Granville.

  • The outside of the church view of the church. This building began construction on February 17, 1974.

The first pastor was Brother Lunsford and he started in November 1912, and the first Deacon Board consisted of M.R. Blake and Benjamin Lemley. There were some difficulties in finding a pastor that would stay with the church consistently. After Lunsford there was a 13-year period where the church had five pastor changes. March 1924, however, the church found a pastor named B.F. Caudill. He was there until October 1929, when the attendance dropped below its monthly Sunday School attendance and Pastor Caudill left due to the depression.


Leading up to World War 2, things were looking up a bit for the church and the community around it. The church began doing well financially and funding its first classes and, in the summer, held a Vacation Bible School. In August 1936, the threat of the World War was high, and everyone began to fear. With the war looming in Europe, the church called for a month-long time of prayer for our nation and the others to be involved.


The next few years were busy for the church. There was more pastoral turnover and they were preparing for the next pastor to step up. This pastor was Pastor John Alley. He wasn’t only a great speaker, but he was also willing to stay with the church for the long haul. The church immediately went in a new direction because of the great leadership from Pastor Alley. He remained with the church from 1967 to 2002. The current pastor is Pastor Jeff Black.

"The First 100 Years of First Baptist Church of Protorville, Ohio." Compiled by Mary K. Thomas and Designed by Mark S. Philips.

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