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Located in the historic home of Confederate General Gabrial Wharton, the Glencoe Museum and Gallery preserves and shares the art, culture, and history of Southwest Virginia. Guests to the museum can experience the post-Civil War Victorian history of the region and tour Wharton's home as they also view exhibits, art, and Native American artifacts.

  • Glencoe was built to be a symbol of prosperity for the burgeoning area. The solid masonry structure was built in the Italianate style popular during the mid-19th century.
The museum features three main exhibits that feature the Civil War in the New River Valley, the region's heritage as transportation hub, and the history of the city of Radford. Other exhibits include the history of Mary Draper Ingles, an early settler who evaded her Shawnee captors and became a national celebrity after sharing her harrowing tale of survival. 

There is also a wonderful display of artifacts unearthed from an archaeological dig that uncovered remains of a Native American village. Visitors will also appreciate the beauty of the art gallery with works enhanced by the beauty of the three-story historic home that includes nearly a dozen fireplaces, high ceilings, elaborate moldings, two parlors, and period-era furnishings. 

This historic home remained in the Wharton family until 1980. The Kollmorgen Corporation purchased the home in 1980 and graciously donated it to in 1996. Through public support, the home was renovated and the museum opened in 1998.
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