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Bean Point is a beach on the beautiful island of Anna Maria. Anna Maria is a barrier island on the gulf coast of Florida only 20 minutes away from Bradenton. The island stretches a mere 7 miles full of things to do. The city of Anna Maria sets at the end of the island. The city is known for world class beaches with white sand and beautiful water. In addition to the thousands of tourists that visit every year there is also a large group of laid-back locals who live on the island. There are two sister cites next to Anna Maria named Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach. Holmes Beach being the largest commercial city on the island, although Anna Maria Island has grown into a major tourist hot spot.

Anna Maria Island is also the home of a lot of history. As stated in the Annamaria website “Before the first permanent settler arrived on the island, Anna Maria Island was discovered by the local Caloosan and Timucan Native American tribes. Later on, it was also discovered by Spanish explorers including Hernando de Soto who passed by the island in 1539” (“City of Anna Maria History”). Later the island was settled by the Mayor of Tampa named Madison Post. He later named the island after his sister in law Anna and his wife Maria. At the very tip of Anna Maria lays Bean Point which is considered on the most private places on the entire island. Bean Point was named after the first permanent resident named George Emerson Bean.

“In 1892, Bean set up his homestead on the northern tip of the island in a scenic beach area that is now known as Bean Point. His former home sat in the area where the Rod and Reel Pier exists today, another scenic waterfront area. Bean laid the foundation for the initial settlement of the surrounding area which would later become the City of Anna Maria" (“City of Anna Maria History”).

After the passing of George Bean, Georges son partnered up with a man named Charles Rosen who was a real estate investor and the inventor of the fig newton. Both Rosen and Bean had a vision to develop the city into a destination spot. They are responsible for developing established streets, a functioning water system, homes, schools, churches and the first community on the island. (“City of Anna Maria History”) Although many tourists love to visit the city of Anna Maria the population didn’t hit 1000 till around the 1970’s and the population is still around 2000 people today. (

The city is known for amazing sea food restaurants, boutiques, ice cream, souvenir shops and much more. Although Bean Point is the area where the most history of the island lays it is also the most private feeling area on the island. In order to get to Bean Point you have to take a long hike on the shore or be in the know of where the secret path in the woods is. This very quiet beach has become a favorite for the locals because it is still considerably not taken over by tourists. “There is no facilities, bathrooms, parking lots, life guards. on this part of the island.  This makes the beach perfect for watching the sunset, having picnics, fishing, and relaxing. This portion of the island is also a home for a lot of the wild- life on the island. There is a variety of water and shore birds, bottlenose dolphins, Manatees. The beaches are also known as a safe haven for nesting endangered logger head turtles. Many of the locals and even some of the tourist are known for helping protect the endangered species.” During some parts of the year it is prohibited to have flashlights out at night, and they have no street-lights on bean point beach. This is one of the many reasons this place is considered a local secret and a golden nugget of the island. While many other beaches on the gulf coast are beautiful Anna Maria is known for the community and unique piece of paradise right here in Florida. In all, this destination is the place to travel to enjoy amazing food, jet-skis, white sand, crystal clear water, local shops, and even relax on a beach that feels like a private oasis then Bean Point, Anna Maria Island is the place for you ("City of Anna Maria History).

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