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The Alcoa community has been around for decades. In this community, there is a lot of history not just for the people but for the people affected by the cultural climate of the time. This is most assuredly true for the Hall community, after years of racial segregation, the community center stands today for the members of the community.

The foundation of the Alcoa community was created during a time of racial discrimination and tension. African American and hispanic laborers were brought to Alcoa to work in the factories as it was believed that minorities were better at withstanding more extreme and hot temperatures than whites. Due to this, large amounts of African Americans lived in Alcoa and had their own community. This would create the Hall community in Alcoa, which separated the whites in Alcoa from the African Americans. After years of segregation, the African American community would be liberated from segregation and be able to go where only whites could originally go. This would be commemorated in the Hall Community center.

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