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Burton Street neighborhood located in West Ashville hits a little closer to home for more people than the community ever imagined it would. The people who built this are amazing hard-working people that strive to see all the goodness in the world and nothing less. Established by Safi Mahaba and DeWayne Barton in 2003. Due to harmonization in acknowledgment of the war in Iraq. Burton Street Community Peace Gardens also was founded for a response to the war on drugs in the states. Citizens call this community garden the labor of love and look upon it as the heart and soul of the community that surrounds them. With a focus on the environment, the gardens began as an astonishing overgrown lot filled with empty 40-ounce bottles. The gardens have grown tremendously and continue to grow throughout the prodigious work ethic shown by the residents from Ashville, NC.

Burton street community peace garden is much more than the neighborhood ever expected it of becoming. Coming from what used to be a vacant lot to a top-grade performance space. Where families from all over the community join together to make things in this world more beautiful than they already appear to be. The garden now with holds two flower and vegetable gardens each. Although, it continues to grow. The garden also consists of artwork done by people in the community, mostly water paintings.

The co-founder DeWayne Barton has made many plethora’s of art to add to the beautiful garden. He is also the founder of Hood Huggers international which is a team that empowers elders, grassroots leaders, and youth from the neighbor hoods and work with volunteers from the community. The gardens are a museum. The installations and pieces of artwork have been built up from reusable waste. It is all recycled and reused trash and waste products.

volunteers grow more seeds in the greenhouse than they need to make sure they have extra to handout to their neighbors. Ian Wilkinson has murals in there that attain a growing legacy. He is well- known for the paintings he has added to the garden. They call the garden the heartbeat of NC.

Many people may not know this, but the Garden was mainly started to take place in response to the war in Iraq and war within the states on drugs. The greenhouse frames were constructed of steel poles from an abandoned McDonald's playground. Garden and district walking tours are available. This community garden is also available for renting events.

Within the diverse public of these gardens in NC. The gardens of Burton Street Community peace are a place for people in the neighborhood to find their peace. The garden reaches out to the people in many different ways. Including great homegrown vegetables, art murals, garden plots, economic opportunities, activities, and education. With that comes along a great place to meet and bond with your neighbors. This is why Burton Street community peace garden is so undeniably breathtaking and so beneficial for the people of the colony. 

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