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The Springbrook Pool is located next to Springbrook Park. It is also located next to The Alcoa Duck Pond which is where Freedom Fest is held annually for the Fourth of July. The pool has been around for many decades and undergone many changes. It was first built in times of segregation, so this was the white pool.

The pool originally had a diving platform with a paddle wheel and a high dive. The pool currently has three low dives in the deep end and a slide on the shallower side. There is also a lagoon that goes through the pool area with bridges that allow people to cross it. The pool used to have water shows featuring synchronized swimming and also band concerts. It also used to have a merry-go-round, and the popular fish head used to have eyes that glowed green at night. When you go to the pool, you will see stone towers. These used to house large floodlights which illuminated the pool at night.

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