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The El Paso Museum of Archaeology collects, interprets, and promotes the cultural history of the city, the Southwest, and northern Mexico. The museum features a large collection of artifacts including pottery, flaked stone, ground stone, ancient basketry and sandals, ceramic figurines, small stone pieces, beaded leatherwork, and even some small objects from the Northwest coastal groups. Visitors will see permanent and changing exhibits and are welcome to walk on the museum's 15 acres of trails.

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

The museum also offers a variety of educational programming. These include a lecture series where speakers—usually scholars from universities, museums, and other institutions—discuss archaeology related topics, and archaeology day camp, which is a four-day program that teaches participants about the science of archaeology. The museum also offers an internship program for college students, docent-led tours, and various educational resources including a publication called Digging into Archaeology, which gives teachers the opportunity to teach students about what archaeology is and how archaeologists conduct excavations and interpret what they find. The museum welcomes volunteers to help promote its mission of teaching others about the region's past.

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