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Now a Private Residence WHAT MAKES THIS PLACE SO COOL? Once the home and medical practice of Dr. H.F. Eames Dr. H.F. Eames was one of Egg Harbor’s most influential doctors, farmers, and property owners in the 1880s. His home “La Vista” saw nearly every citizen of Egg Harbor pass between its walls to receive treatment or companionship from Dr. Eames and his family. Building Backstory: La Vista was built in 1907 on the ridge east of the village as his home for his dairy farms and orchards. The house stood for many years as a base for Eames’s medical work, farming, and business ventures. La Vista, like Thorp’s Cupola house, became a popular spot for dances and gatherings, and was one of the most recognizable homes in the area. In 1993, the home was moved to its present location by Gloria and Richard Hansen of the Cupola House.

  • Dr. Eames
  • 1909 Invoice of purchases made by Dr Eames from the Le Rouche Merchantile
  • La Vista, today a private residence, once the Historic home of Dr. Eames

Who was Dr. Eames?

 Dr. Horace Frank Eames arrived in Egg Harbor from Quebec, Canada with his family in the late 1870s. After going away to school to receive both his teaching and medical degrees, Eames returned and became one of the most influential citizens of Egg Harbor.

Remembered by many as the first “scientifically minded” doctor, Eames was an avid subscriber to medical journals and kept his practice in meticulous order. Because of his tireless efforts to expand his personal knowledge, Dr. Eames was elected multiple times to serve as the president of the Door County Medical Society. He was dedicated to the community he served, and could often be seen in his horse and buggy visiting patients throughout the countryside, even in the dead of winter.

 Additionally, Dr. Eames was one of the most productive and well-respected farmers in the state, owned and operated a general store and commercial dock in town, and served in many leadership roles within the community including president of the Door County Telephone Company. Dr. Eames continued his good work in the community until his death in 1937.

 The Eames family was well-known and respected in Egg Harbor; the doctor’s descendants continue to live in the area to this day. View artifacts from Dr. Eames medical practice at the History Center in the Kress Pavillion and Library.