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Residential Section of Commerce Street: With the east side of the street still lined by the same trees that existed when the town was founded, the street is now home to some of Harrington’s largest homes. The block in the foreground of the street is home to Smith families and their relatives, building almost all the homes in the first block. Today these homes have changed little, and most have been or are currently undergoing restoration.

Several of the homes along Commerce Street date back to the late 1800s.

The home featured on the map was constructed in 1890 by Ora and Elva Sapp.

The Sapp family later placed the large window in Trinity United Methodist Church and the addition to the church in memory of their children.

Ora Sapp was one of the founders of the Kent & Sussex Fair. as well as Vice President of Peoples Bank.

Other homes of the street have similar histories of the founding families of Harrington. Visit the Greater Harrington Historical Society for more information on these homes.
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