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The building you see today, originally known as the Hansen-Hubbard building was erected in 1909 by Cheneyite, George Yeaman for Charles I. Hubbard and Peter C. Hansen. The one-story brick building was divided into two stores with their entrances facing 1st Street. Our focus is on the left half, 402 1st Street owned by Mr. Hubbard.

  • Hansen Hardware at far right, about 1948
  • Hubbards Grocery on 1st Street around 1907
  • May and Charles Hubbard with grandchild
  • 1884 advertisement
  • 1904 Hubbard advertisement
  • 1920 Hubbard advertisement
  • 1935 Safeway advertisement
  • 1956 Hansen Hardware advertisement
  • Holmes Hardware about 1965
  • The Mason Jar about 2013
  • Interior of The Mason jar shows the restored stamped tin ceiling

What was here before? We can go back to 1884 when M. Kaminsky & Son operated a general merchandise store from a one-story wood building on this corner. Kaminsky left town in 1890 and the building was taken over by a dry goods merchant. It was a saloon starting about 1897. In 1904, the building was the temporary location of the Farmers & Merchant Bank while they waited for their new brick building to be completed across the street where Wild Bill's Tavern is today. 

Charles I. Hubbard brought in his grocery and hardware goods in September 1904. He, and later his son, ran Hubbard's until about 1930. Charles and May Hubbard came with their two children from Wisconsin in 1900. The former farmer started a general store, creamery, and feed mill at a different location in Cheney before his move to 1st & F. Mr. Hubbard was actively involved in the community. He was elected to the city council in 1904, the same year he was named president of the newly formed Men's Commercial Club. He was also a member of the Odd Fellows and the Whist Club. May Hubbard was also active in community affairs as a charter member of the Tilicum Club, as well as a member of the Rebekahs, and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. 

In July 1912, a fire destroyed the roof of Hubbard's store and damaged much of his stock. He set up temporary quarters in the corner building across 1st Street, but was back in his store in a couple months. In 1917, his list of goods included automobile parts, and in 1922 he also advertised auto tires. 

Eleanor Jones, who was born in 1913, cherished her early years in Cheney, especially her short-term business arrangement with Hubbard’s Grocery where she took candy bars, putting the charge on her father's account until the day of reckoning when her parents discovered her devious scheme. 

In 1927, Hubbard sold his hardware and automobile goods to Abe Bottorff' hardware. After his wife's death in 1928, it was Clarence Hubbard who managed the business. The store closed around 1931. Mr. Hubbard passed away in 1936. 

Safeway took over the grocery business at the location by 1934, continuing there until July 8, 1941 when they traded places with Roy Hansen's Hardware. Safeway moved to 321-327 1st, while Hansen's moved to 402 1st.  Each business remodeled their new space to better fit their needs. Hansen's Hardware continued until 1959 he sold out to Norval Holmes who operated Holmes Hardware until 1967. 

In 1968, 402 was absorbed in 404 1st Street after the Ben Franklin store was sold, becoming Larry Zimmerman's Cheney Variety Store. The single-store use of the building continued until 2012, when The Mason Jar opened with a new entrance on F Street. Two other businesses have occupied the subdivided length of the building along F Street since 1997. 

The original stamped tin ceiling and brick walls can be seen from inside The Mason Jar. Hints of the old casement windows can be seen above the large glass windows along the front, and in the brick along the side of the building are the ghosts of old doorways. 

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