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Named for a wealthy philathropist, Annie Merner Pfeiffer, the library at West Virginia Wesleyan College was built in 1953, enlarged with a wrap-around addition in 1973, and a renovation is taking place in 2019.In

  • Photo by Paula McGrew, February 2016.
  • The lamp of learning is shining bright on this beautiful evening in August 2016. Photo by Paula McGrew.
  • Photo by Paula McGrew, August 2016.
Built in 1953, the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library consisted of the center section of what you see today. At the dedication ceremony on May 27, 1953, Bishop Corson said that the library should:
  • Satisfy the Enquiring Mind
  • Cultivate the Developing Mind
  • Be a Guide for the Responsible Mind
  • And Be a Bulwark for Preserving the Open Mind
Named for Annie Merner Pfeiffer, a Methodist philanthropist from New York, the long-hoped-for building quickly began to fulfill the dreams of many. For about forty years prior to the building of this library, there had been a great desire to build such a resource, but two World Wars and the Great Depression made this impossible.

By 1973, a new wraparound addition was needed in order to house the growing collections and to provide space for classes to meet, programs to be held, and office space for the library staff and faculty of the Library Science Department.

In the spring semester of 2019 the library was closed and services temporarily moved elsewhere on campus in order for a renovation project made possible by the Title III grant. It is hoped that it will be completed and ready for the fall semester. 
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