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Opened on November 8, 1899, as the New York Zoological Park, the Bronx Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States. The zoo covers 265 acres and is visited by roughly 2.5 million people annually. The zoo opened with 22 exhibits and 843 animals and has grown to house over 4,100 animals. The park was built to show and educate the public about the importance of ecological preservation. It was one of the first zoos in the 19th century to move away from having animals in cages to more naturalistic enclosures, trying to replicate the animal’s natural habitat.

The Bronz Zoo opened in 1899

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Since the park’s opening, it has been at the forefront of conservation, including work to save the American Bison from extinction in 1907 with its breeding program. The zoo also sends its animals around the country to help with breeding programs and biological diversity. One of the most famous exhibits is the Sea Lion Pool which has stood since the zoo’s opening and is home to a family of California Sea Lions.

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