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The Vici M-K-T Depot, also known as the Wichita Falls & Northwestern Railroad Depot, is a historic rail depot in Vici, Oklahoma. The depot was constructed in 1912 and remained in operation until 1971. Beginning in 1998, the abandoned depot was converted into a local museum housing historic artifacts from the period during which the depot was in operation.

The Vici M-K-T Depot was constructed in 1912 as a stop along the Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railroad. Founded in 1906 in Wichita Falls, TX, the Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railroad Company was intended to link the railroad hub of Wichita Falls with communities in southwestern Oklahoma. In 1911, the line was acquired by the larger Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (often known as the Katy), for which the depot is named.

By the 1930s, the depot served as a stop for two daily passenger trains as well as two daily freight trains. In addition, trains passed through on a trice-weekly basis with a cargo of fresh meat and cream for local consumers. The depot remained in operation until 1971; for much of this time, from 1931 to early 1971, the freight and passenger agent was Walter W. Roan. Roan's cousin, W.H. Herrin, had been the first freight and passenger agent at the depot.

In 1998, the depot was converted into a museum. The museum contains artifacts such as railroad lanterns, pole spikes, and a MKT desk.

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