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Sam Patch was eventually recruited to the area of Upstate New York by the innkeepers at Niagara Falls in 1829. His eye for danger landed on the Niagara Falls. He settled on the location of Goat Island, which is a division between two sets of falls (Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls). No man in history has attempted this feat, people did not even think it was possible to come out of alive. Sam Patch proved them wrong.

  • Modern-day photo of Goat Island, the location Sam Patch jumped in 1829.

Sam Patch leaped into the water below with his hands behind his back, he made this magnificent leap as onlookers gasped and applauded as they watched him emerge alive. 

However, Patch did not stop at only one leap. Rather decided to risk the feat a second time. Discovering a 125 ft platform built on top of two ladders that were fixed on a cliff below Goat Island, Patch once again leaped as thousands of people watched on. This jump lead him to offers from all across the world to see him jump from high falls.

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