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This historical marker indicates the location of a military fortification discovered in 2007 during renovations of the Main Plaza. Other sites were found as well. They date to the time of the Texas Revolutionary period (1835-1836) and likely would have been part of the defensive fortifications protecting San Antonio during the Siege of Bexar (San Antonio, October-December 1835). During excavation, archaeologists found military-related artifacts such as a gun barrel, sword tip, and a gunflint. There was a trench at this location that had a wooden palisade. Behind it, evidence indicates that additional fortifications were built, possibly gun batteries.

  • The marker is located a block south of the Main Plaza on the Kallison Walk.
  • Archaeologists found many artifacts including these.
  • This map shows where fortifications were found and where other sites were recorded to have been located.
"Main Plaza Fortifications." The Historical Marker Database. Accessed April 28, 1928. 

Photos: The Historical Marker Database