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New College is located in the heart of historic North Campus, it was built in 1823. Currently, it has a classroom and is used for administrative purposes, including, the Office of Academic Planning Office of the Vice President for Instruction, the Office of Academic Fiscal Affairs, and the Office of Faculty Affairs.

New College is one of the oldest buildings on the University of Georgis’s campus. New College is located in the heart of historic North Campus. When it was built in 1823, New College’s original purpose was for a residence hall. New College is situated right off of the North Campus Quad, beside the University of Georgia’s Chapel and across from the President’s Office.

New College features a Federal Style of architecture, identifiable by the fenestration and symmetry. Federal Style buildings were prevalent after the Revolution. Originally constructed with four stories, after a rebuild, it was left with three. The rebuild was the result of a fire that destroyed the building except for the exterior walls in 1830. The building had many uses throughout the years. 

In the early 20th century, New College housed the College of Education and then the School of Pharmacy in 1939. When UGA expanded to more than two buildings, the first two buildings were named Old and New College to represent how old this University actually is. As the birthplace of higher education, two buildings just were not enough and the rest of North Campus soon grew around the original two buildings.

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