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Schofield Barracks is a United States Army Installation located in the Wahiawa District of the American island of O'ahu, Hawaii. The post contains a total area of 2.8 square miles and is the largest army post in Hawaii. Schofield Barracks was established in 1908 to provide defense of Pearl Harbor and was named for Lieutenant General John. M Schofield, commanding General of the Army from 1888-1895. It is home to the 25th Infantry Division known as the "Tropic Lightning Division".

  • This is the Foote Gate entrance to Schofield Barracks.  It is located on the East side of the post and lies in between Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield
  • Image of Schofield Barracks and the 25 Infantry Division outside.

The post was named after Lieutenant General John M. Schofield, who served as the Secretary of War and the Commanding General of the US Army, and was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The base was named after him do to the fact that he recognized the urgency to establish a base on Oahu 40 years before it was constructed.

In 1873, Secretary of War William Belknap tasked LTG Schofield to study the strategic potential and advantages of the US having a permanent presence in the Pacific, particularly in Hawaii. In Schofield's report he stressed the importance of the US maintaining its presence in Hawaii and recommended they build a permanent installation on one of the islands. The base would provide an excellent place to dock warships where they could make quick responses to threats coming from East Asia.

Schofield's recomendation included the US building a Naval base next to Pearl Harbor. In 1875, the US signed a Reciprocity Treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom, and in 1887 they gained exclusive rights to the harbor. 

After Hawaii's annexation in 1898, improvements were made to expand Pearl Harbor so it could accommodate warships. While these improvements were underway construction of Schofield Barracks began in 1909, where the US housed its cavalry, artillery, and light infantry. At the time of its completion Schofield Barracks became the largest Army post of the US.

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