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The Museum of Native American History has exhibits from 12,000 BC until 1900 AD. The museum was founded by a member of the Cherokee Nation, David Bogle. His very first artifact was an arrowhead and from that, he grew his collection. The museum was founded in 2006; at the time, it was used only to display a few artifacts, but it quickly began to become more popular. Now, the museum houses about 10,000 artifacts, including Native American tools, weapons, pottery, and art.

  • a headdress worn by the Native Americans
  • arrowhead
  • The front of the museum
  • A wall located inside of the museum with a quote from Sitting Bull.
  • Quilt inside of the museum

    The museum of Native American History has artifacts and fossils from as early as 12,000 BC. Many arrowheads are on display, made from animal bone, wood, and rocks. The museum also has remains of large extinct animals such as mastodon, great bison, ground sloth, and wooly mammoth. 

   Furthermore, The Native Americans made traps to make it safer and easier to hunt. One interesting tactic of hunting these huge animals, that the people used was to chase them over a cliff. This way of hunting is known as the Buffalo jump. The natives would ride their horses, herding the animals over a cliff. After the animals were over the cliff some natives stayed near the bottom to finish killing the animals. 

    As time went on the humans started to adapt more to their environment and their building skills and gathering increased. During the Archaic period the natives began to gather fruit and nuts and they were now settled into villages. The Museum of Native American history has several remains of this time period. For example, they have spear throwers, pestles, banner stones, and axes.  The museum also houses artifacts from the Woodland period, including pottery, pipes, axes, knives, and celt.

   In addition, the museum has a large collection of Native pottery and quilts.

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