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In the fall of 1864, the Union army had assembled a group designated the “Independent Scouts” whose sole purpose was to eliminate the threat of Col. John S. Mosby’s 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion. Mosby’s Rangers, as the battalion had become known, spent their time disrupting the B & O Railroad and capturing Union soldiers, horses, and supplies. Capt. Richard Blazer led a company of scouts to the vicinity of Kabletown. Confederate Lt. Aldolphus (Dolly) Richards led a band of 100 Mosby’s Rangers to track Blazer down. On November 17th, Richards found Blazer camped near Kabletown. The fight that ensued resulted in the decimation of Blazer’s troops. “General Stevenson dispatched on November 19, ‘two of Captain Blazer’s men came in this morning – Privates Harris and Johnson. They report that Mosby attacked Blazer near Kabletown yesterday about 11 o’clock. They say the entire command, with the exception of themselves, was either captured or killed.”

"Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (Now West Virginia) 1861–1865," 
Originally Published by Authority of Jefferson County Camp, No. 123 United Confederate Veterans (1911), Republished with an Introduction by James C. Holland by Authority of Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, No. 199 Sons of Confederate Veterans (2004).