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On August 25, 1864, Gen. Jubal Early moved a part of his army in the direction of Shepherdstown. His army contacted a force of Union cavalry near Wagely’s Shop that was quickly disposed of. Moving along the road to Leetown Early encountered two divisions of Union cavalry. Early pushed the Union cavalry back to Kearneysville were they took up a strong defensive position. The Union troopers were finally dislodged and pushed back to the vicinity of Shepherdstown where a part of the force crossed the Potomac at Pack Horse Ford while the remaining troops withdrew to Harpers Ferry. “In one of the charges made by Gordon and his men that General was wounded in the face by a sabre slash.”

"Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (Now West Virginia) 1861–1865," 
Originally Published by Authority of Jefferson County Camp, No. 123 United Confederate Veterans (1911), Republished with an Introduction by James C. Holland by Authority of Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, No. 199 Sons of Confederate Veterans (2004).