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Because of the B & O Railroad, the Duffields area was picketed by either the Confederate or Union cavalry for the entire War. This marker summarizes the frequent skirmishes between these mounted troops. On one occasion in July 1863, three Confederate cavalry were surprised by Federal scouts. The skirmish resulted in one of the three Confederates being captured and the Federals suffering one killed and one wounded. “One favorite crossing was about one and one-half miles east of Duffields. Kephart and Melvin’s woods was on either side of the railroad, on elevated ground, and the guard could be flanked unobserved.”

"Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (Now West Virginia) 1861–1865," 
Originally Published by Authority of Jefferson County Camp, No. 123 United Confederate Veterans (1911), Republished with an Introduction by James C. Holland by Authority of Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, No. 199 Sons of Confederate Veterans (2004).